Throwback Thursday: The First Time

Since True Blood’s final season will soon be upon us, we are going to start two new features here at ESL and THROWBACK THURSDAY is the first. We hope you will enjoy the ‘little trips’ down memory lane.


Of course, we have to start off with none other than Eric Northman because after he made his appearance, he captured and demanded attention. Everything about him just oozed power, danger and sex appeal. He had me as soon as I saw him sitting like a King on his throne.


How about just a couple more?

I trust that you enjoyed this weeks installment of ‘THROWBACK THURSDAY’ and feel free to leave comments to let us know what scenes you would like to see in future installments. Included in this post will be a poll to see what other characters you would like to see outside of Eric and Sookie.

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I am an avid book reader and when I am not writing for these two (now three) blogs that is what I am doing. I love Boardwalk Empire, Game of Thrones, Big Bang Theory, Criminal Minds, Blue Bloods, Outlander and many other shows. I am also a major hockey fan, especially my Detroit Red Wings! I also enjoy classic books and legal thrillers.

21 comments on “Throwback Thursday: The First Time

  1. Thanks for going with the Throwback Thursday thing Nymerias. I agree about what you said about our Viking, Eric, as soon as I saw him with that long blond hair, dressed all in black sitting on his throne, I knew I was a goner. I also felt (believe it or not) that this actor I really knew nothing about (I didn’t even watch GK when it came out, cause I don’t watch “war stories”) other than he was Stellans’ son, I knew he is/was destined to greatness in his career. As people like to say, he had me at Hello (or in his case, his “come here” fingers.) Thanks for the memory of his first appearance into our lives!

    As far as the others, I think most of us agree, Pam, Laffy, Jason, and Jessica (especially with Hoyt during their relationship, as they were so sweet together). Other than that, I really don’t care about the rest of the cast so much.

    • Thanks Redthang! it is nice to look back, especially since the end is near. I like the ‘come here’ fingers!

      Don’t forget to vote!

  2. I actually didn’t find Eric very attractive when he first showed up, I didn’t really like him at all or get the appeal. Yeah, I must have needed my head examined, but by season 2, I finally came to my senses.

    • It was probably the bad wig…lol! Once his hair was cute,I was even more into him. I think for me though in that initial sight of him, he commanded attention and he got it!

      • Yeah, the wig was bad, although it doesn’t bother me much now. But when he came strolling in the store with the shorter haircut, I was all, hello hottie…lol!

  3. Nymerias-good to “see” you again. :) I like this new feature, Throwback Thursday. I’m looking forward to the other new feature at ESL.

    My all-time favorite episode of True Blood will always be season two episode nine, “I Will Rise Up,” written by Academy Award-nominated writer Nancy Oliver. (Top THAT, Bucky! I’m feeling “saucy” again.) So, if I can put in a request possibility for that one, I would really appreciate it. :)

    I have A LOT of other suggestions, so please bear with me. “Timebomb” was great too. Basically, anything Sookie/Eric/Godric season two works for me. I also love Eric/Sookie all of season three and Eric/Sookie up until and during Sex Narnia in season four (after Sex Narnia/season four, when all of a sudden the writers decided Eric and Sookie don’t really know each other anymore, no, thank you). I loved Pam/Tara in season five, including Tara killing Elijah and Pam consoling Tara over Tara’s original abuser Lettie Mae. Lafayette/Jesus. Jason/Hoyt and Jason/Andy (the earlier seasons). Eric/Pam up until the final third of season four, but I also love the season five “release” scene in the Fangtasia dungeon *sob*, Pam’s “congratulations, you’re a grandfather” to Eric re: Tara, and everything/everyone about the season five finale. So much potential…ugh…Oh, well. Pam shoving Sookie across Fangtasia season five when Pam reminded Sookie-and us-that Sookie doesn’t give a *beep* about Eric being missing (it’s not Sookie’s problem). Sookie throwing up on her latest boring abuser Alcide. Eric/Lafayette (why don’t they know each other anymore?). Lafayette/Tara. Tara/Jason (why don’t THEY know each other anymore?). Terry/Arlene pre-season five. Eric/Jason season two and season five finale. Eric/Russell/Talbot/Sookie. Tara/Franklin Mott. Tara/Sam.

    Just putting a “few” things out there. Obviously, do what you want. :) We all support ESL whatever you choose to do.

    • One more :) : Pam/Lafayette season three at Merlotte’s to get Lafayette to sell V again. “Maybe I wear too much pink…” Why don’t THEY know each other anymore? (But then again, the cynic in me says that they might just character-assassinate Pam, so…)

    • Thanks, I know it seems I disappeared but I did not! We thought that this Throwback Thursday would be a hit! Oh yes, I will rise up could give us a few weeks of TT’s alone, same with Timebomb! Thanks for all the ideas! ;)

      • Nymerias-thank YOU (and Erika, Evie, and B) for all you do here at ESL. I’m glad you liked my ideas. :) Yes, Throwback Thursday works VERY well.

        If it’s cool, I have three MORE suggestions: scenes involving Nan Flanagan, Sophie-Anne, and even…Lorena. (I was reminded of them when I lurked on another site a few minutes ago.) I miss those ladies.

        Looking forward to the next ESL Throwback Thursday…

      • Nymerias and everyone at ESL-JSYK, I tried to post a reply here a couple of hours ago and it didn’t post because I accidentally forgot to type the last word of my name. My brain was working faster than my fingers in the moment. :)

        Anyway-I was suggesting that maybe, for Throwback Thursday, you could also consider scenes with Nan Flanagan, Sophie-Anne, and even Lorena. (I got the idea/reminder from another site.)

        Take care. :)

        • Those are great suggestions as well! Sorry you had trouble posting, glad you got it figured out!

          • Nymerias-No problemo. :) I see my original reply where I forgot the last word of my name DID post after all. I’m glad. Thank you (again) for the compliments re: my suggestions for ESL Throwback Thursday. Looking forward to the next one. :)

          • I meant…looking forward to the next ESL TBT; I didn’t mean…looking forward to the next compliment (not that I “mind” compliments :) ).

          • LOL I knew what you meant! You crack me up!

          • Nymerias-I try. :) And sometimes I’m not even trying.

  4. Forgot to type the last word of my name. I got too excited about Throwback Thursday. Sorry.

  5. Season 2 Eric/Sookie/Godric moments because they were all just stellar. . Most of Season 3 because it was all good with so many good supporting characters (Russell, Talbot, Franklin, Lorena) a strong plot, and I like the direction the E/S were going then. Season 4 until Narnia because it was stupid. But I did really like the Season 4 first episode in Fairyland. I thought it set up everything really well. Little did I know how dumb the writers would become later that season and just basically trash everything we might ever love about TB.

  6. Thanks for the throwback Thursday! Like Tammydevil83, I didn’t really sit up and take notice of Eric until season 2. When he rescued Sookie, leaned down & whispered “Trust me,” I was hooked! Anything we can get from Season 2 or 4 with Eric & Sookie or even some Godric would be great. I Will Rise Up is still my favorite episode and Godric’s death is still my favorite scene. WTF happened?! Makes me want to cry when I think of the crappy mess the writers have made of this once great show.

  7. I have to agree season two with Eric and Sookie! They had the best chemistry! Makes me sad to think about what it could have been.

  8. There are other characters? Speaking of Godric, did anyone else notice that his ashes went UP?

    • Thelma-I noticed this too. Godric’s True Death was unusual compared to the other vampires’ True Deaths on TB. S2 Godric burst into blue flame and he DID go up in ashes, whereas when the other vampires died the True Death, they exploded into red goo. Then, in s5, we saw the “hallucination” of Godric being murdered by Lilith in front of Eric and Nora with Bill literally working a control room at the Vampire Authority. Godric did burst into red goo there (the blood covering Lilith). There has been speculation that Godric may have not really “died” on that roof in Dallas, that maybe Godric and Eric could have put on a “show” for Sookie to “report” back to Bill via Bill’s vampire blood never-ending stranglehold on Sookie. Speculation that, at some point, Bill could have found Godric (through Nora?), and Bill could have orchestrated Godric’s actual True Death in s5 Vampire Authority. Sounds far-fetched, but makes sense (to me anyway :) ). There was also speculation that Godric could have been a fairy-vampire hybrid and that that would explain why he went up in blue flame/ash and didn’t burst into red goo in s2 (and this spec came LONG before fairy-vampire hybrid Ben/Warlow arrived on the scene). There has also been speculation that Eric could be a fairy-vampire hybrid (and possibly Pam could be one too). “Knowing” how Brian Buckner operates, probably nothing will come of any of this now (if anything was ever going to come of it, if any of the spec was correct).

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