Anna Paquin nominated for PRISM Award


Anna Paquin can add another award nomination to her impressive collection, as she is included in the nominations list for the 18th annual PRISM Awards.

The PRISM Awards honor TV, movie, music, online, and comic book entertainment that accurately depicts drug, alcohol and tobacco use and addiction, as well as mental health issues

Anna has been nominated for “Performance in an Internet Program” for her role as a young mother with postpartum depression in “Susanna”. Her co-star Maggie Grace has also received a nomination and the program has been nominated for “Original Internet Program”.

The winners will be announced at a ceremony on April 22nd.

Source: EIC


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8 comments on “Anna Paquin nominated for PRISM Award

  1. Hooray for Anna!! That was a dynamite internet series and I think she was fantastic in it! I also hope both she and Maggie Grace win awards. I truly do love Annas’ work, I mean she even plays Sookie Stackhouse with conviction even tho the writers have made her character become such a stupid person, she still plays Sookie well. (If that makes any sense to any of you). I am looking forward to receiving my won (from another website) DVD of Free Ride soon.

    • Have you seen Free Ride yet? I really enjoyed it. It’s only 90 minutes, and Anna looked gorgeous in it. Her character wasn’t always sympathetic, I really felt bad for her eldest daughter sometimes. I had forgotten it was based on a true story until they said so at the end. I love the 70s fashions.

      I haven’t seen Susanna yet. I will catch up when True Blood is over. I have a whole list of things to watch to help me get over the ending of my favourite show!

      • Nope Evie I never did get to see Free Ride yet. I guess I can rent it on at Red Box, just haven’t had a chance to get out there and do it. I also figured since I was getting my own copy of it, I could kinda wait, but since it hasn’t come yet, I might just have to do it. I know Drea DeMatteo is also in it, and I like her acting too, so I am excited to see it soon. I am also interested to see how much I recognize in the film, as I lived in Sarasota for a long time and also when the film was being filmed there. I guess from that one article I read the drama school students from Ringling College where helping out with the film and their production company (Anna and Steves, CASM productions) did some of their work there at the school too. So I am happy to see how Sarasota stands in……

  2. Congratulations to Anna, Maggie Grace, and everyone involved with Susanna on their PRISM nominations. I haven’t seen Susanna (or Free Ride). I also have a lot of stuff I haven’t seen.

  3. Congrats to Anna, Susanna was a great series and about something that really needs more attention-postpartum depression. She and Maggie were great in it.

  4. Haven’t seen “Rree Ride”….but will make sure I do see it.

  5. I haven’t seen it yet either but heard it is very good film .

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