FlashBack Friday: An Oldie But A Goody


Well, faithful followers, here it is, our second new segment:FLASHBACK FRIDAY! You might think it is just like Throwback Thursday, well they are similar but filled with more goodies! We are going to do our best to bring you all something great each week.

Once again, I am going to start at the beginning and with a fan favorite, Eric Northman! This is just one of my favorite Eric flashbacks because everyone loves a bad ass Viking in action! Without further ado, it’s FLASHBACK time!

Oh I love to hear him talk in his native tongue! It gets me every damn time!

Eric Northman: Wherever I go, there will always be women.

Damn straight, you Viking God!

Not to ruin this moment but in final season news, we will be seeing another Bill Compton flashback set back in 1862 when he was still human, if anyone cares that is. I know I don’t but news is news! Don’t shoot the messenger ladies, I just report the facts! MUAH!

Anything to share on the final season of True Blood?
Prepare for one last flashback as we’ll revisit Bill as a human when the HBO vampy drama goes back to 1862. Expect to see Bill clash with some others over his thoughts on the war.


There are so many reasons that this is one of my favorites! Sound off below!

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16 comments on “FlashBack Friday: An Oldie But A Goody

  1. Ah yes, I fondly remember when they had this flashback to Erics’ turning, I just wish it could have been longer, showing him rising as Vampire and his first feeding. I think that would have been great. I’m with you Nymerias, I love it when he speaks Swedish too! I would have never thought that Swedish sounded so sexy either……..sigh….Oh well, just want to say Thanks for the Flashback Friday and I’ll be looking forward to them all.

    • Your welcome! We do aim to please here at ESL! I would have loved to see him after the transition as well but this was good! Hearing someone speak in another language is sexy

  2. Thank you for the lovely flashback. Godric was hot as hell and Eric….wherever he is, there will always be women! Le sigh!

  3. Nymerias-YES! The other new ESL feature! I didn’t expect to see the new feature so soon. What a pleasant surprise! :) Getting the bad news out of the way first: Bill “lost” me in season three, and I officially could no longer tolerate him after season four. We don’t blame you for reporting the “news.” :) The flashback will probably be Beel acting like he’s against the war and killing people or some crap in order for Buckner to try to shove Bill’s 50,00th fake “redemption” tour down the audiences’ throats. (Never mind that previous flashback to Human Bill in the war where he wanted to murder someone for making noise. Bill was just trying to “protect” himself and “his people.” Why didn’t I see that all along?) Enough!

    Back to the real reason True Blood lasted seven seasons: Alexander Skarsgard as Eric Northman. S2 Godric turning Eric is one of my favorite scenes in TB history. The writers really seemed to care and were really consistent at that point.

    • SURPRISE! Bill does nothing for me as a character as no life is brought into,IMO! I like actors that make me remember them, whether it be a look, an emotion or the way he carries himself.

      That is Alex in a nutshell! Glad you like the feature!

    • I just watched the scene again (thanks for the link). There was a seriousness to it, no nonsense, it was a solid story. Great actors (hello, Allan Hyde!) who weren’t winking at the audience. It wasn’t sleazy. It wasn’t killing or having sex just for killing’s or having sex’s sake. It didn’t seem to hate its audience. It didn’t seem to be stringing its audience along. It seemed real. I miss this on TB.

      • Nymerias-I was typing when you posted. Yes, love Alex (and Allan Hyde) as actors. They make me FEEL something emotionally. They’re real. And love ESL Flashback Friday. :)

    • “Bill’s 50,00th fake redemption tour!”

      LOLZZZ :) So true…and really, what more is there to tell of his history? Every second of useless Bill takes away possible Eric screentime and I don;t like it!

      • Sakshi-Thank you. :) How many times do we have to say it? Bring on the Viking!!

  4. Thanks for sharing Nymerias :)

    Somehow, turnings involving Eric make powerful scenes…And the line ‘ Wherever I go, there will always be women’, is one of my favorite Eric lines of the show :)

    What do they want to show about *snore* Bheeel *snore*…Some annoying civil war era luncheon where he defends human equality or something? Was this triggered by the success of 12 years a slave at the Oscars?

  5. genius!! but Bhill ruined it a little in the end with his shocked fake bill face

  6. Absolutely love “FlashBack Friday’s”! Especially since it will be all Eric all the time! This flashback is one of the best scenes. Back before the show took a shit and Stephen and Anna became a couple and Ballsack started revolving the story line around their lives. I’m looking forward to Friday’s from now on. Thanks, what a great idea!

  7. Yes,where ever Eric Northman goes…there will always be women….
    Eric Northman,tried to climb into my dreams last night..
    Hate nights like this…it’s when I have a major hard time falling asleep….
    All of the scenes that have showed his character are locked in my
    vault and are in my memory banks….I see his eyes,I hear his voice…

  8. This is the best flashback ever on True Blood to me .

  9. Really the writers gipped us. Godric should have been in the whole season!

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