Tara Buck promoted to series regular


It looks like we are going to be seeing a lot more of Eric Northman’s number one fan in the final season of True Blood. According to Deadline Tara Buck has been promoted to a series regular.

EXCLUSIVE: After recurring on HBO’s True Blood for the past six seasons, Tara Buck has been upped to a regular for the vampire drama’s upcoming seventh and final season. Buck made her debut as everyone’s favorite blood-serving barmaid Ginger in the second half of Season 1 and has been a fixture on the show ever since. Buck, repped by Don Buchwald & Assoc. and Untitled, also has recurred on Justified and Nip/Tuck.


So expect a lot more screaming and faithful fang-banging from the hapless Ginger. The poor girl has been glamoured more times than Jason Stackhouse has had hot dinners. But will she finally get a dream date with her dream man……


Anyone who addresses our Viking God as “You Big Bad Vampire” is always good for me.

Congratulations to Tara Buck, she thoroughly deserves this!


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18 comments on “Tara Buck promoted to series regular

  1. Hahaha…yes she is a fun character and despite her screaming fits, she does not get on my nerves :)

    Good to know…Thanks Evie, for finding news about TB, for us starving fans :)

  2. She has always been one of my favorites.

  3. Umm, ok. I like her character, but it seems odd to promote her to a regular now. BB is probably going to make her Eric’s love interest.

  4. That new chick is supposedly going to be his love interest, Ginger is just there, they may have had sex before that was thankfully never shown, but it would never be anything serious. I don’t know how anyone could take her seriously, but she is on Team Eric, so that’s good enough for me. I’ve met Tara Buck before and asked her if her throat ever hurts from all that screaming she does…lol!

  5. I wonder if being “promoted” to a series regular has something to do with benefits and that’s why they do this even tho the show is ending this year. Maybe if they can find other jobs right away they can collect some sort of unemployment benefits from the actors union or something like that???

    Well, whatever the reason after 6 loooong (and not seen a whole heck of a lot) I’m glad they finally gave Tara Buck the nod she deserved as our endearing, screaming, overglamoured Ginger!!

    • You could be right about benefits. Also it looks better for future jobs if she can say she was a series regular rather than a “guest”. And she should get her name in the opening credits which is nice for her after all this time on the show.

  6. Yep, I guess you’re right Evie, never thought about the ol’ Resume. I meant to say “can’t get a job” above. After I read it over just now, it didn’t make much sense to me, duh, can you tell I didn’t sleep well last night? (LOL).

  7. Thanks, Evie. I like Tara Buck, and I like Ginger, but I’m not sure what to make of “series regular.” But, like you and redthang914 “said,” it could be for real-life benefits for Tara, and a “shout out” for her in the opening credits. And, it might not necessarily be for storytelling purposes. Eric will have sex with the out-of-nowhere Sylvie, and he might have sex with Ginger (I’m presuming off-camera for that one), but he’ll have “HEA” with his more-or-less lesbian BFF Pam with Willa as sidekick. (Yes, my TB cynicism is showing.)

    • Poor Ginger will be very lucky if it happens :) He keeps glamouring her so she will forget what he has promised LOL.

      Your take on his probable HEA is more or less my second choice for him. My first choice is obviously Sookie (and I won’t give up hope until the final credits roll), but if it’s not to be then I want him with his family at the end. I like Willa and I think she is new and fresh and he needs that to help him move on and look forward to the future. I love Pam, but if she and Eric end up romantically involved again I will be very displeased, that just doesn’t work for me, BFF is fine though.

      • Evie-Yes, poor Ginger is the Glamour Queen!

        Of course, my first choice for Eric’s HEA is also Sookie, but I now feel that HBO/Ball/Buckner are not going there and never had any intention to do so. I feel they just strung that segment of the audience along until season 4/book 4 and then cut us loose. Obviously I’ve lost all of my hope there, so maybe you could hope for both of us? :) Right now, I’m fully convinced that Sookie’s “HEA” will be Sam and that that was the plan all along. I know this is petty for me to say, but knowing now what I didn’t know “then,” I kind of wish the TB writers had never bothered with the Sookie/Eric story. Eric is a great character all on his own and he certainly did not need Sookie in his story to be interesting. The writers could have had it where Eric and Sookie had a little bit of interaction because of their common denominator of Bill, but for the most part, separate stories all along. It would have been more honest to the audience IMO. No one likes to be played. Oh, well. Woulda coulda shoulda (Samantha, Sex and the City). :)

        As for Eric, I think Buckner will probably send off Eric with Pam and Willa at the end of the series. I like your take on Willa. I’m not emotionally attached to her, but what you wrote about her makes sense to me. There’s still a little voice in me that says that Willa should have been Sookie, and that Willa is some sort of “consolation prize” because the writers absolutely refuse to “give” Sookie to Eric (NOT that Sookie is an object!), but that’s within me and I need to let it go. And I have. :) Really. I’m prepared.

        I love Pam, too, of course (she is my second-favorite TB character after Eric). I mean no offense to the “Paric” shippers, but given everything we know so far about Eric/Pam (especially in the first three seasons), I will NEVER believe a romance between them for a second. “Ride or die” best friends? Heck, yes! Romantic endgame? Heck, no. At this point, I’m just hoping that Buckner does not do a visual nightmare replay of Book Eric/Freyda (as has been said a million times, TB Jason/Violet feels like that book storyline).

        Last week, I felt TB-uninspired. These last few days, I can’t keep quiet. :) Thanks for everything you do at ESL, including the great new features, and thanks for the “conversation.” :)

        • I honestly used to think Alan Ball was heading towards Eric/Sookie (with Bill on the self-destruct path), pretty much how he ended his final episode as a writer on the show, 5.12. Under Buckner I’m just not sure (a lot will obviously depend on Alex’s commitment to the show and how much he is going to appear). I don’t think Bucker thought about the end-game too much last year as he pretty much knew they were getting a 7th season.

          You and I have something very much in common, which may seem strange when our feeling about TB are very far apart, we are quite possibly the only 2 people in the world who are not yet convinced Sookie is going to live HEA with Bill. Everywhere I go in the fandom the Bill fans already seem to be celebrating this, and everyone else mourning it, but I still don’t see him as Sookie’s HEA. In my opinion they have gone too far with that character and he has been too cruel to her. I believe Buckner will try to redeem Bill to a certain extent, partly as some people really liked him the way he appeared in season 1, before all the sh*t hit the fan, but Sookie’s HEA? No. Nothing at all in the narrative of the show over the 6 seasons makes me expect that to be the ending.

          • Evie-thanks for replying back to me. I too used to think that AB and co. were headed towards Eric/Sookie endgame and that Bill would self-destruct or be killed in self-defense by Eric (to save Sookie from Bill) or Sookie (to save Eric from Bill) in the series finale, or something of that nature. I mean, I didn’t presume that E/S was a 100% done deal, but I thought there was a VERY strong chance AB might be going there. I figured that Sookie would grow on a personal level, and also would eventually see what a great person Eric is and eventually choose to be with him, and Eric would choose to be with Sookie. I thought there was a reason that there were so many parallels between Sookie’s story and Eric’s story. For the loyal viewers paying close attention, I thought those parallels were subtle clues that the writers were ultimately headed towards E/S. Also, I know “the show is not the books,” but for the first four, possibly five, seasons, the show (to me) seemed to loosely be following Book Sookie’s trajectory. I knew that Sookie and Eric eventually got back together in the books, and I kept hearing that Sookie and Eric were the heart and soul of the books. I bought the books (prior to the last one, which of course I didn’t buy) and skimmed them but didn’t really read them. Now, I’ll never read them, and I’m glad I didn’t read them. :) I thought Bill was kept around solely to toss a bone at the Bill fans (and because Stephen was under contract). I thought Alcide was nothing more than filler (actually, I still feel that way), and that Sam was nothing more than a red herring to try to scare the Eric fans. I did think that Sam was a genuine possibility for Sookie early in the story (show and books), but that, because both mediums got SO far away from that pairing for the majority of the story, that they realized how uninteresting that pairing was and moved on. Little did I know…

            Honestly, I have never been so wrong about the outcome of a story in my life so far. :) My mind is the type that needs to analyze things and figure them out for myself so I can move on. Otherwise, I might have bailed after season four.

            Yes, with no disrespect to those who feel this way, I’m not sure why some people are already assuming that Sookie/Bill are endgame. I think Buckner wants the fans to think he is headed in the Sookie/Bill direction with the season six finale, the new Alcide/Sookie/Beel “lurve” triangle, the Sookie/Bill Time Warner Super Bowl commercial, etc., but I think it’s just misdirection. (Not “clever” misdirection, IMO. :) ) I could be wrong, of course, but my takeaway is that Bucky planted the “big” clues later in s6 once he was showrunner, with Sookie telling Sam she always thought they’d end up together, and Nora on her True Deathbed telling Eric to walk the Earth with Pamela and Willa. Sookie and Eric don’t know each other anymore. I think Buckner will try to toss a bone to the Bill fans with Bill’s “redemption” and dragging out the Bill/Sookie “will they/won’t they?” throughout season seven. The Alcide fans will get an Alcide/Sookie sex scene before (my guess) Alcide is eventually knocked out of the Sookie Sweepstakes with werewolf politics. The Eric fans will get an Eric/Sylvie sex scene. Nicole will be killed off or sent away somehow (maybe the writers will retroactively decide that Nicole’s baby somehow isn’t Sam’s but was actually fathered by her previous boyfriend), clearing the decks for Sam/Sookie. Sookie will get rid of her fairy powers killing a vampire. My educated True Blood guesses/philosophizing for the day. :)

            Thank you for the “conversation,” Evie, and for ESL as always. Take care. :) :) :)

  8. Hi Evie, Thank you for letting me known. My dad’s ok with dealing the loss of his bro/buddy (my uncle).

    Anyway, I would luv to see Ginger ends up with Pam. I luv the cherismity between those two. :) I think Pam feels guilty for abandoning Tara and finds comfort with Ginger like in season 4. :)…..Oh I heard they casted another “treat” for Pam. I guess she feeding people to her ill progeny Tara to keeping her alive. But Probably it turns out to be Jessica’s feeding them to her zombified douchbag (I would imagine). :) I don’t known.

    I wonder Alex’s at SXSWF and supporting his dad, but maybe he’s there and promoting his new movie Hidden…..Probably HBO’s saving those Sarah scenes for he gets back. I’m might be right that Sarah parts are his Six month” subplot.

    • Hello, Shelli. I’m sorry for the loss of your uncle. My condolences to you, your father, and your loved ones.

  9. You are probably right about it being a union/benefit thing to be named a series regular. To bad she worked on the show for six seasons and then becomes a season regular when other actors get it from the time they first start. She so deserves it.

  10. I imagine series regular is more highly respected on an actor’s resume than guest star. And being in the opening credits is a nice perk for her.

  11. omg took them forever lol. i’m sorry but she should’ve been added to stay on the show by the second season at least. she is fun and very funny at times especially when she tries to taunt Eric so yeah about time. Congrats!

  12. I sure hope not. That woman isn’t normal.

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