Throwback Thursday: Off in LA LA Land!


For True Blood’s final season, we wanted to look back at some of our favorite characters that we cannot get enough of and this week’s edition of TBT is no exception. How about some La La, girlfriend?

How fitting after he drank Eric’s blood?! LOL

Loved the followed scene because it only showed how ignorant some people can actually be! Plus, the way it was delivered was so damn funny!


Well, I hope you enjoyed our little trip through LA LA Land for this week’s edition! As LA LA would say, see ya next week BITCHES!

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10 comments on “Throwback Thursday: Off in LA LA Land!

  1. He will always be my favorite.

  2. Thank you, Nymerias. I love Nelsan Ellis so much as an actor and Lafayette as a character. Nelsan was criminally underused the last two seasons and I’m not thrilled about what I’ve heard so far for his final s/l on TB with his out-of-nowhere vampire “boyfriend.” I really miss Kevin Alejandro (Jesus); I thought he and Nelsan had such nice chemistry and I’m not sure why the writers killed off Jesus. They could have just sent Jesus away like they did Hoyt (Jim Parrack). I also can’t believe the “chemistry” between Nelsan and Alex was erased, and that Nelsan and Rutina didn’t have much interaction the last two seasons. And no more Nelsan and Kristin too. It’s like Nelsan was just brought in to say a few “sassy” lines and do his Whoopi-Goldberg-in-Ghost routine, and to force a storyline for Sam, and that was pretty much it. Shame.

    Oh, and one other thing :) : why would someone as smart and cool as Lafayette Reynolds stay in BON TEMPS? I mean, for storytelling purposes, sure, but I hope at the end, Lala lives and gets out of that evil boring snake pit. :) Take care!

  3. I’m so gonna miss the show when it’s over!

  4. Have to admit he is one of the most fun characters in the show.. his dance routine after Eric cured him was hysterical, I laughed til I cried. I do agree with the poster above that he is too good for Bon Temps. Of course I think he’s probably still hanging around because of his mother. But his personality cries out for a big city and bright lights.

  5. Thanks for the LaLa throwback Nymerias. I agree with the ladies above that LaLa was not scripted in very much the last several seasons. You know those darn writers seem to know who are favorite characters are (they probably snoop around the websites like a lot of other lurkers) and seem to write them “down” (even Eric).

    I also agree if LaLa lives to the end he needs to be shown moving down to NOLA or someplace like that or if they get radical with his character and kill him off, then they need to show Jesus’ ghost coming back to collect LaLas’ ghost and they float away hand in hand happily. Who knows what those goofballs will do with the finale of the show. We won’t have too much longer to wait (I get so sad when I think of the end) to see what happens.

  6. valady1-Good point about Lafayette’s mom. I can’t believe I forgot about Ruby Jean. Oops! :) Maybe Lala could move RJ to a different facility in a different city/state/country? They both need to get out of BT like yesterday! :)

    redthang914-Well, Bucky did publicly admit in several post-s6 finale interviews that he does “take the temperature” of the TB fandom online, probably more than he “should.” (With our luck, Bucky probably only goes on the “Bill Banger” sites and/or the sites that just say things like “Good job! Can’t wait for the next season!” and refuse to discuss the glaring consistency issues with the writing, minimizing/writing OOC most of the characters including the fan favorites in order to force new plot points, trying to force characters that the audience collectively pretty much doesn’t like down the audience’s throats, dropping intriguing storylines abruptly and dragging out not-intriguing storylines, etc.)

    I would be VERY cool with Lala moving to NOLA at the end. I wouldn’t be thrilled if they killed him off; HOWEVER, if he WAS reunited with Jesus (as well as another character who I suspect the writers may kill off this coming season), and it was handled well, I could make my peace with that. In fact, I was predicting LAST season that Lala might have been killed off then, BECAUSE the writers were not giving Nelsan substantial material (not to mention, for some reason, I had suspicion that Nelsan himself might have been ready to move on. Nothing specific Nelsan said publicly, just a gut feeling I got from his public demeanor.)

    • Well I will send an invite for Bucky to come and ‘take my temperature’ but then again I bet he already knows what degree it is. He really cannot be that obtuse and NOT know all the things you mentioned above. Then again….

      • Nymerias-I agree that he probably knows; I also think he doesn’t care. “Artistic integrity”/”Nobody tells me what to do” and all (I would imagine). I don’t always mean to be Debbie Downer with this show; I’ve just resigned myself that it’s probably going to end in a way that I’m not going to love. Some people will disagree with my opinion, and obviously that’s okay too.

        • Yes I am not sure he cares either one way or the other. That is what I think is sad because the fans are who he should listen to. He does not have to look at it like fans are telling him what to do, he needs to look at it like ‘hey fans keep talking about continuity and believing in the storyline and how it makes no sense and characters are OOC, maybe I need to take a closer look’. It really is not that hard of a thing to do.

          • Nymerias-ITA with you. I don’t know what else to say about it. All I know is I stopped buying anything TB-related after Book Spoilergate last April. I knew I was going to wait until the s6 finale aired before I decided whether or not I would watch the season, and I’m glad I did that. I STILL haven’t watched s5 and s6 in their entirety and haven’t wanted to. Lately I’ve been skimming/reading quite a bit of Eric/Sookie fanfiction. TBH (again), I’m not remotely excited about s7 so far. I’m simultaneously resigned about the ending and in wait-and-see mode.

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