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If you have any news, information, questions, comments, concerns or if you would like to simply drop us a line; please feel free to contact us by using the form below.

Thank you for your feedback! :)


  1. Please link back first.
  2. Send us your site URL.
  3. Your site button or icon (preferably 100X35).
  4. Information about your site and why you’d like to affiliate with us.
  5. Email us all above information! Our email address is: affiliations@ericandsookielovers.com

We accept most applicants, but reserve the right to refuse.
If you know of any other sites you would like us to be affiliated with, please contact us!

Thank you for your application!


Email the staff directly for the more personal and private touch!
  • Erika (site owner/administrator): erika@ericandsookielovers.com
  • Evie at: evie@ericandsookielovers.com
  • Nymerias at: nymerias@ericandsookielovers.com
  • B at: beth@ericandsookielovers.com

Or, you can reach the forum staff through a personal message on our forum – just click the link and send one of us a PM!

Site Owner & Administrator
Luda Gal
Global Moderator

Please note: you MUST be a member of our forum in order to contact staff through personal messages.

10 comments on “Contact Us

  1. Hoping to be able to have emails come to my inbox once again!! I sent another comment to the site so hopefully I will have a fix soon, and hoping this will help also…Not very computer savvy at all so trying anything to make work.

    • I’ve contacted wordpress to see what’s going on. I will send you an email back once I’ve heard more about it. This is the first I’ve heard about anybody NOT receiving emails from either here or at the Gracious Plenty. Sorry for any inconvenience… :( Hopefully, we’ll have this resolved soon! :)

  2. I am an Eric & Sookie fan and I ahve just come across a fan fiction about about favorite couple. The author’s is EROS ASHIMA. Not found in the fanfiction. Her first story is entitled SOOKIE STACKHOUSE MISSES ERIC NORTHMAN. So please check it out. Happy reading.

  3. I love this site. Eric and Sookie FOREVER!!!

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