What are the Best Gay Sex Positions for Kinky Play

For anyone who has ever had gay sex in their lifetimes, fantasized or watched about gay sex, will know that gay sex involves endless combinations of probable sex positions. But from among those positions, which do you pick first and how do you start? Which of them will feel the best? How do gay men pick a position immediately to enjoy it to the extremes?

Well, worry not. This article shall guide you about the four best accessible – and we reckon most pleasurable – gay sex positions will help get you started.

Before we devolve into how to stick your thing in, we would forever condone safe sex and recommend you take all possible steps for the same. Plus, this goes without saying; you must always use condoms before having sex, to avoid unwanted pregnancies and STD’s.

Let us start with discussing sizes and shapes

What works for both you as well as your partners will depend on your size and shape. And please be assured right from the outset, we are not only talking about dick sizes here.

If say, you are a tall person and the guy you are going to have sex with is far shorter than you, you will be able to fuck them in more positions due to your combined complementation than as compared to 2 persons with nearly the same physical build.

Because you must know that at the end of the day, positions involve different angles, levels of flexibility as well as being able to change or hold each other’s as well as your positions.

Whoever said the laws of physical attraction and physics is boring?

Anal sex positions

Several gay sex positions tend to be anal sex positions by default, however there are several non-penetrative sex positions that you must also try out. If you are inclined more towards anal sex positions, then researching about the different techniques available for a mind-blowing anal with an extremely tempting prostate massage should be your top priority. Such techniques should involve douching, clear communication, lube as well as some other golden pleasurable methods. (We recommend adding a perfect prostate massager to add extra kink to your anal play)


Top, bottom, dom, sub or something more versatile?

We are going to explore certain gay sex positions from the perspectives of both of a bottom as well as a top.

If you are open and versatile (as we encourage everyone to be), then you cannot get luckier, since you can actually do both. In certain gay sex positions, the top (aka dom, as you may call it) often leads the whole action, and in certain cases the bottom tends to be the leader.

So you better pay attention or else you might miss your chance.

You might be surprised to realize that there are studies revealing many factors on why certain guys naturally choose to be top while some others choose to be the bottom.


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First of all, try the gay missionary position

This gay sex position might sound very hackneyed, but we assure you that it is not, and that’s a promise. It is one of the easiest positions that a dom can try, and it is not especially tough for a sub either.

But before that however… you should focus on the foreplay.

During your sex session, if you are involved in any sort of foreplay while sucking his cock as they are lying down; continue licking, sucking and kissing as you move gradually towards their balls. Then you can go further down, towards their perineum (it is that part between their ass and balls) and then towards their butthole.

If you are one on the bottom: if you enjoy the foreplay that the top is giving you, encourage them with some moans while wriggling your butthole nearer to their tongue. If they are keen, continue eating their ass. Pry apart their ass cheeks while getting deeper in them through your tongue. If you can, because of your different body sizes and shapes dependent upon the following activity, lift their ass up a few distance and carry on pleasuring them.

Get a pillow and spit for some lubing


A sex pillow kept under your sub’s butt might help raising their butthole up for greater access and comfort for both parties involved.

Start to rub your dick gradually against their opening. Then proceed to spit on your own cock. If you feel you must, use can also condoms, and lube if you are going to go ahead with deeply penetrative sex.


Seeing eye to eye

If one were to mention the best sex position for gays (or just about anybody else), the gay missionary sex position is absolutely the very best. To maintain crystal clear communication and eye contact during anal sex, nothing beats the gay missionary position.

You can choose to enter your partner carefully and slowly, maintaining an eye right on the target. After you have built up a certain momentum that both of you are comfortable with, then it is far easier for you to get back in. This time if in case you slip out, you will still be able to see everything really clearly and position or adjust yourself accordingly.

Legs high up in the air

Once both of you are really comfortable in your respective positions, try to hold their legs back if in case you are the Top or Dom. Or you can even put their legs over your shoulders if you are into them getting deep inside of you.

If in case you are the Bottom: you could help the Top or Dom by holding your legs back yourself, over their shoulders, behind their knees or by your feet if you have that sort of flexibility!

Try riding your dude’s cock

If you are new to the concept of getting fucked, or you are that you are about to take a big dick, this gay sex position might be extremely beneficial for you, because as a Sub or a Bottom, you would have zero control.

It is a good position for getting some quick confidence when it all comes to taking some massive cock – if while taking their cock you start to hurt, you can ask them to slow down, and then lower your position on him as per your personal pace.

A certain degree of athleticism can come in handy need to be able to ride your partner. You might either want to go up and down, or at the same time maybe even slightly back and forth. This seems a bit like riding some horse.

If you are the Dom/top, or if in general you are bigger guy in general this position can be difficult since gravity would be against you. Therefore, be extra careful of not crushing your partner beneath you or they will be at a risk of losing their erection.

Bend over

If both of you are standing up – and you very well be if in case you are fucking in a sex club, dance floor, sauna, kitchen, etc, bending over for the Top/Dom, or bending any person over for that matter, can be priceless.

Whether such a position is comfortable for the Bottom/Sub or not for will eventually depend on, you guessed that right – certain angles.

Anatomically speaking, men’s rectum sizes are very different, so that your height’s difference, cock size and shape, as well as the actual angle in which you are fucking them in, will collectively play a crucial role in determining how successful and pleasurable your formulated gem of a position should be.

Top/Dom: start slowly for giving them time to get into a comfortable position themselves.

Bottom/Sub: Start by telling them that you are about to get onto their cock and thus lead the setting/action to set up the pace to help.

Adjust your position by sticking out your ass out and up more than it is, until you finally find the best position to be in.

Top/Dom:  this can be a good position if your partner and you like to fuck hard. Hold onto his waist while drawing your whole body towards them. Or you can hold onto their shoulders with them being bent over backwards if they are more of into upwards thrust.

Doggie style

This position is a bit trickier than it seems because you would need to position and adjust your ass in such a manner that makes your dom/top it easy to successfully penetrate you.

This position will either work successfully or absolutely backfire. If you are the top/Dom, get behind your partner, who should ideally be placed in front of you on all their fours. If your cock aligns neatly with their asshole, then congratulations! You are in line for some sweet victory.

However, if on the other hand, maintaining those angles demand a level of positions or gymnastics with uncomfortably awkward angles, it might be painful for not only you but also them. Of course you must give this position a go by all means, but the undesirable pain should be an indicator enough to try something else before it gets overwhelming for the both of you.

Bottoms/sub: do make a note of the fact that your knees might end up getting sore, and you will not be able to see your partner’s face well unless you twist and turn on all your fours, so this position will be relatively harder for you unless you both of you are enjoying it.

From the sides

This is one of the best and most convenient positions, and not only because you can continue to watch TV while getting fucked.

Sub/Bottoms – lie down on your side while your ass is propped outwards. Doing this may help to keep your ass cheeks apart so that your Dom/top can end up locating your sweet spot, albeit with a little prizing apart nonetheless.

Dom/Top: as soon as you are in line with them, carefully lie close next to your partner and ensconce them in your arms.

This can turn out to be a very intimate position, since you can hold them tight, plant kisses on their face and neck. There also lies the potential to pump away extra hard. After all, the hips don’t lie!

So, we finally have the basics of gay anal sex positions covered for you!

No doubt about the fact that there are truckloads of more complicated positions that you can come across online, such as the greasy unicorn and vine sparkler (or whatever that is), but even if you do the four that we have covered here, you will be cumming back over and over again and again.

Also, gay people should not have their sex positions restricted to anal sex alone.

You can also try the perfect oral sex position available for both you and your partner… the prestigious ’69’. However, getting into a delicious 69 position can be extremely tricky, and there are certain ways of doing it.

If both of you are of a similar height, lay next to each other, in a ‘top to tail,’ position so that your faces are directly above each other’s crotch area. But what if both of you are of different heights? The taller of you can choose to curve themselves into a V shape so that your genitalia align perfectly in the right position.

If, on the other hand, both of you are more athletic, another way of going about with this position is to involve your partner lying down, with their face up. At the same time, try getting into a push-up style position while being on top of them, with both of your cocks and mouths lined up with each other. Thus, in this position you can fuck their mouth from above.